Some times I have to be less “lady” and more “bitch”!

Here’s a blog from Natasha from Dandelion Weatherstone. Natasha has developed a pair of antibacterial knickers, especially for women who have C Section or abdominal surgery and are immune compromised. They are ethically produced and vegan too as many fashion items are produced from animal products.

Here’s Natasha’s experience of what one has to go through to secure a clinical trial that will help the NHS reduce costs on infection control and pain management after abdominal surgery! Go Ash!

It’s been a wild few weeks for me.

I managed to verbally secure a clinical trial (pending funding being released) and also I have been nominated for a Small Business Award, and I am going to the ceremony on Thursday with my 9-year old.

It seems like my knickers are finally being recognised for helping the NHS reduce costs on infection and pain management after C-section / abdominal surgery.

I cannot describe the amount of self-development I’ve had to do over the last few months because I felt I had imposter syndrome when pitching to extremely educated, mainly male, medical professionals.

What would a working-class girl like me know?

Well, I’m not a medic, but I had to explain that I’m a London College of Fashion graduate, and I’m also insulin dependent, so when I had my emergency C-section in 2012, I was in that recovery room plotting to take on the world and help other mums who were immuno-compromised.

Who else was I going to enrol to prep me but Chelmsford based Kayla Colney  – Public Speaking Coach?

I had to not only face my professional insecurities but also address my childhood fears.

Every time I presented to white middle aged, men, I was back in my childhood, back in an alcohol fuelled home full of domestic violence, and I felt professionally crippled when I was being gunned down.

I realised I had to quickly lose the self-belief that I am stupid.

Academic success does not support that belief, and I had to demand to be listened to.

Most people know I am a massive tattoo addict, and I made sure that before I started doing these high-pressure pitches, I had the tattoo of my childhood Rottweiler put on my leg. No one is going to mess with a bitch with a Rottweiler! I took his spirit into battle with me, and I felt protected.

Kayla had grilled me on stats, and we had prepped for every kind of brutal gunning down possible.

I had to keep focus on the fact that these knickers HAVE to get into NHS acquisitions, and I am already publicly linked to Ipswich and Colchester Hospitals, providing free knickers to those who have experienced baby loss, and Doulas Without Borders.

My knickers go out to a variety of birth people including those who have conceived during rape.

More hospitals are now asking for my services, and this must be more than about me, I’m doing this because my brand stands strong with anyone who has experienced baby loss or sexual violence. It was my customers that I had to keep in mind when doing those very tough pitches. I am their biggest advocate.

So what next?

So whilst I am awaiting funding for my clinical trial, I’m looking into supporting some FGM charities because those ladies will need to have C-sections for their own safety.

I’m also possibly planning a Pride presence in Essex as my brand caters for pregnant transmen.

Buy or Sponsor a pair of Knickers

Please contact me at if you would like to sponsor a pair of knickers in my ‘pay it forward’ service and I am happy to put your advert on my website and give you some social media exposure. My website is here.