Ten Top Tips to Attract your ideal clients through networking on and offline.

by Rosemary Cunningham, Money Marketing and Soul Coach and Winning Women Essex founder,

Networking. Love it or hate it, it’s so good for your business!  

Building your own tribe of followers and supporters is important and Winning Women is a fabulous community to do that.

Networking is often a slow burn. Please don’t get disillusioned if results take a little time. It will be so worthwhile, you’re in business for the long haul. 

I started my business in 1993 so have been to lot of groups. I’ve also run groups in Essex, London, Internationally on Zoom. Here are what I’ve learnt that really works for heart centred women entrepreneurs.

1. Be Consistent.
If you like a group, attend regularly, stay in the game.

This is why we have the Winning Women Inner Circle where for just £25 a month, you can attend three meetings.

You can also be part of an intimate group, get training, develop your expert status and more! Read more about Winning Women Inner Circle here!

We talk about the “Know, Like, Trust” factor in networking as we rarely do business with people who we don’t like and have no faith in.

In 2015 I was running a big business women’s event for the first time and a two local businesses contacted me immediately, offering the sponsorship that got us off the ground. They explained that as she’d seen me about, at various events, different network of all types, she was certain I was the real deal, she trusted me as a serious business person who had invested my time and money and would create a good event so she was happy to recommend sponsorship to her employers.

2. Set your intention for your meeting.

Decide what you want from taking time to go to this meeting.

I love Marianne Williamson’s suggestion to ask yourself, “Where would you have me go, what would you have me say, to whom?” This puts you in curiosity and tells your higher self to who watch out for!

You might intend to connect with three people you know and three new people. Find a formula that works for you. It means you keep up your friendships and don’t miss out on meeting new people too.

3. Know your Ideal Client.

Who is the person you would most love to connect with? Get to know them. You may not meet them today but someone you connect with may be married to them, live next door etc! Ideal Clients are everywhere, when you know who they are, they appear on your radar. Read more about knowing who your ideal clients are here.

4. Prepare

If you have an opportunity to speak, do prepare what you will say and memorise it if you can. .
A good formula is 1. Who you are. 2. Who you work with. 3. What you do with them. 4 So they can (fill in what you allow them to do).

Mine sounds a bit like this!
“I’m Rosemary Cunningham and I work with therapists and coaches who aren’t getting enough clients and feel they have problems in their relationship with money. I help them build successful businesses so they can make great money and do what they came here to do with grace and ease and no burnout”!

5. Talk to the person first, not their business.

Ask, “How are YOU”? Not “What do you do”?

If you’re nervous it helps to focus on asking questions, being curious about others and then they will ask about you and you’ll be more relaxed by then as you already know each other!

6. Smile and be friendly!  

Most people are nervous and almost everyone is paddling madly underneath the calm exterior. You’ll help everyone relax.

7. Introduce other people to each other.

Be a networker even if you don’t feel like it.. They will be so grateful.

8. Offer to take someone with you to a meeting.

Advertise on Facebook that you’re going and you can get to know them in the car.

9. Be adventurous. Go to new places, the launch of a new group.

Think wide about where your Ideal Clients spend their time. Think of the Mortgage Advisor who did really well at school events. Say yes to invitations, even unusual ones. Be very open minded but If it doesn’t’ feel right, don’t go again. .

10. Networking Online. It’s all about energy! Be visible. Get involved. Most of all, only your ideal clients matter.   

One of my biggest lessons was that if someone isn’t on my vibration, my wavelength if you like, so my ideal client, they probably wouldn’t even see my posts!
And when you raise your vibration, find something new, a new authenticity or passion you’re really in your essence and you attract a new tribe who couldn’t even see you before.

So, share a blog, join a group and participate online, share your events on multiple pages.   Comment on the posts of people who interest you as we notice comments, “Likes” go over our heads Take time to interact. If someone shows interest In an event of yours, drop them a hello message. We can lose the personal touch online so make sure you don’t and you won’t be forgotten! ..

A BIG Bonus Tip! Follow Up

Follow up quickly afterwards, in 48 hours or less.

Successful networkers always master following up.

Connect on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram when you get home, wherever you’re active. And please never add anyone to your mailing list without permission.. Invite someone you connect with to a coffee, chat on the phone.

Please share this with anyone who would love to enjoy networking more.  Networking and business should be fun!

Do contact me if I can help you any more or to book a 30 minute complimentary Money and Marketing Breakthrough call here

To your success! Rosemary Cunningham, Winning Women Essex founder.