Winning Women Charity Auctions raise £10,000 in 2020/21

In December 2020 Winning Women held our first charity auction for the Mumba Children’s Project.

It was a difficult time for fundraising after so much time in lockdown and an American Winning Women, Denise Miller suggested a Facebook online auction and our first raised £1500.

Winning Women donated a product, a course or an hour of their time. The auction was held at the Winning Women for Action Facebook group. You can visit the group here. Each auction is held in the same group.

Several hundred enthusiastic bidders scrolled through the entries over a week, getting plenty of visibility for the donors.

Auctions were held in December 2020, April, July and December 2021 and the next will be in April 2021.

These have been a fun and profitable way for the women to publicise their expertise and products and raise money at a really challenging time.

The funds Winning Women have raised have gone towards projects including:

  • Running a village school, paying staff wages and providing school meals for children who may not get to eat that day.
  • Shipping school and medical supplies (wheelchairs, surgical supplies etc) and football kit to the community in Mpongwe, Zambia from the UK.
  • Helping buy and fit solar panels and irrigation for the school garden which the children learn to grow food for the school lunches.
  • Building a sanitary pads factory.

If you would like to be involved in the next auction please email Rosemary at