Winning Women for Action Online Auction, 11-18 November 2022

The Mumba School in Mpongwe, Zambia. Affiliated with Winning Women since 2014.

Winning Women has an online auction, a charity fundraiser from 11- 18 November. The women donate a product or hour of their time, a place on a course and we raise money to support the school by paying teachers wages, maintenance and often, providing school meals for the two hundred and fifty children.

Items in the auction are treatments, classes, business advice, social media support, a retreat day, essential oils and cosmetics, a years membership to Winning Women, value £250! Oh, and an animal experience, where you and your family get to meets spiders, reptiles and learn all about them.

Do visit the auction here!

We discovered this type of fundraising in 2020, recommended by Denise Miller who uses these auctions for her native American women’s art group in Tucson, Arizona.

It has worked like a dream! It’s an incredibly easy way of fundraising.

Several hundred people look at the group so it’s great pubicity for anyone who shares an item. The women have gained long term clients, made great contacts, formed friendships. They can also test a product and see how popular it is.
Often a new therapist is overwhelmed by how many women bid on their item which is so affirming!

At the end of the auction money is immediately paid direct into the charity bank account by the winning bidders and there are no overheads. 100% of the money goes to the charity!

So, do come along and take part. Join the Facebook group. If you have missed this one, we will have another auction in a few months and I’ll tag everyone in the group to let you know!

If you come along, happy bidding!