Feeding Your Creative Spirit at the Glastonbury Soul Nurture Retreat 

Glastonbury Soul Nurture Retreat 13-16 October 2023

Society has led us to believe that logic and reason are king, but creativity is literally a goddess-centred word.  It’s time to reclaim it!

Gathering in Glastonbury from 13-16 October

This October, a small group of heart-centred women will be nestled in a cottage, deep in mystical Glastonbury, for the third Soul Nurture Retreat.  More information here.

Rosemary, imagined and created this weekend-long happening for spiritual business women (wherever they are on that journey) as time away from the everyday.  

A space where women can reconnect to themselves. Connect with one another. And, with the divine feminine spirit — which still dwells in Avalon.

And, while we are there, we’ll be exploring the sites with Rosemary.  Stretching our bodies through yoga and observing the new moon with Kellie.  Oh, and, creating with me — using some visual (or art) journalling techniques.

But I’m Not Creative!

Hmmm?  What’s that? You’re not creative?!

Well, I beg to differ. Creativity is a loaded and much misunderstood word. 

A word haunted by the ghosts of art teachers past and well-meaning parents concerned that arty crafty things are airy fairy things.

But beneath its arty, crafty, airy, fairy costume creativity boasts a profound power.

Goddess of Transformation

The Latin root of create is creare: 

“to make, bring forth, produce, procreate, beget, cause” 

Which relates to Ceres, the Roman goddess of fertility and harvest. A goddess of the people.

In short, creativity is innate to everyone. Part of our human nature. Just ask Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, if you don’t believe me.  She says:

“Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy – pure creative energy.” 

A Child’s Eye View

Sounds cool, but, what does that mean for us?

Well, when it comes to visual journalling, creativity is about:

Having a curious mind and a willingness to explore. 

You know, like a child. In fact, art journal-led coach Amanda Grace calls this the “beginner’s mindset”.

Master painter. Complete novice. It matters not. 

When it comes to exploring and expressing ourselves through visual journalling, our most valuable skill is to relinquish judgement. Our doubts. Our fears. Comparison.

What to Expect

So, during the Soul Nurture Retreat, we’ll gather around the art table — yes, in a state of child-like wonder — and discover our creative prompt.  

The prompt is a question or a direction, which serves as a jumping off point. Imagine The Fool card in Tarot, if you will.

And, then, in the time allotted, using the materials provided, we’ll get creative.  Because, having creative boundaries helps hone your focus. Creative chaos is sooo overrated. 

And, as heart-centred women, we know focus and intention are energetically potent, right!? 

In fact, I discovered a Tibetan proverb when I was on the first Glastonbury retreat:

“Creativity cures the chaos in the heart.”

Beautiful, huh?

Join Us

Feel called to join us on this year’s Soul Nurture Retreat (13-16 October) then find all the details here or check out our Soul Nurture Retreats Facebook group.

Do contact Rosemary at info@rosemarycunningham.co.uk or 07967 121167 to answer your retreat queries.  We’d love to see you there!