A little history of Winning Women!

Winning Women in Zambia in 2015

When I started my own networking group in 2013, it was called Essex Heart Centred Entrepreneurs.  We grew slowly, from three of us in my lounge to meeting in local cafes.  Some mornings I would be sitting by myself at ten past ten and then one other person came.  One day, August 2014, we were […]

Feeding Your Creative Spirit at the Glastonbury Soul Nurture Retreat 

Society has led us to believe that logic and reason are king, but creativity is literally a goddess-centred word.  It’s time to reclaim it! Gathering in Glastonbury from 13-16 October This October, a small group of heart-centred women will be nestled in a cottage, deep in mystical Glastonbury, for the third Soul Nurture Retreat.  More information […]

Winning Women Book Club launches October 2023

October Winning Women book club on 3 October 7pm GMT.

Fancy expanding your mind and social circle with a monthly book club? Come and join us! Here are the details! We will be taking one personal development book a month, chosen by the group. We meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm, starting on 4th October. This  is the Zoom link. No […]

Are you an Empath?

Rosemary Cunningham blog, highly sensitive person in business, empath in business

Being sensitive in this world can be tough. Business and traditional school certainly have not been designed to support intuitive, gentle people. It’s time for a change! Here’s a blog about empaths, unmanaged empathy. Later I’ll be writing about our empath super powers and how we can tap into those! I’m a healer, therapist and […]

How to dress for a business meeting

Sandra Sparrowhawk, how to dress for business

A guest blog by Sandra Sparrowhawk, Colour and Style Consultant and member of our Winning Women Inner Circle. This very much depends on the type of business you represent, but for me I am my own shop window.  Having said that I don’t feel the need to wear a suit as most of my clients […]

Winning Women Charity Auctions raise £10,000 in 2020/21

Winning Women for Action auction

In December 2020 Winning Women held our first charity auction for the Mumba Children’s Project. It was a difficult time for fundraising after so much time in lockdown and an American Winning Women, Denise Miller suggested a Facebook online auction and our first raised £1500. Winning Women donated a product, a course or an hour […]

Four Tips for the Highly Sensitive Person in Business

Rosemary Cunningham blog, highly sensitive person in business, empath in business

Winning Women is an international and Essex based business networking community that really suits entrepreneurial women who are empaths, introverts and Highly Sensitive People (HSP’s). Statistically about 20% of the population are HSP and empaths but the percentage in Winning Women is much, much higher.   I want to you really enjoy yourself and be happy […]

Ten Top Tips to Attract your ideal clients through networking on and offline.

by Rosemary Cunningham, Money Marketing and Soul Coach and Winning Women Essex founder, Networking. Love it or hate it, it’s so good for your business!   Building your own tribe of followers and supporters is important and Winning Women is a fabulous community to do that. Networking is often a slow burn. Please don’t get disillusioned […]

The story of Winning Women Essex!

Winning Women Essex launch in 2013

One dark morning, I was the only woman amongst fifteen men at a networking meeting! Some years ago went along at 6.45am one dark morning to a networking group in Colchester. I was the only woman there.   The men were so supportive, interested in what I did and they were fun and interesting too so […]